Heart Disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America, affecting people of all ages and backgrounds. [1], and accounting for 1 out of every four deaths.  Here we’ve gathered a list of the top authorities on treatment, prevention, and research relating to heart disease.

Taking steps to minimize your risk factors (or those of loved ones) is key to managing, even staving off heart disease.

1. American Heart Association – http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/
The AHA covers all aspects of heart disease, including resources on different conditions (including arrythmia, cholesterol, diabetes, heart failure, heart attack, blood pressure, and stroke), research and healthcare advice, education resources, and statistics on health care.

2. Woman Heart Organization – http://www.womenheart.org/
Focusing on female health, this organization provides resources and support for women with heart disease and heart disease survivors. They have a variety of communication avenues for their support services, including those online, in person, and over the phone. Membership grants access to further heart-related tools.

3. Academy for Nutrition and Dietetics – http://www.eatright.org/
Given the important of lifestyle management in long-term prevention of heart disease, this page’s value lies in its offerings on eating and aging healthily, as well as providing resources for beneficial dietary and fitness habits and food safety.

4. Center for Disease Control on Heart Disease – http://www.cdc.gov/heartdisease/
The CDC is a great resource for statistics and facts about heart disease. Additionally, they have many resources on identifying risk factors, prevention methods, and educational materials for people with heart disease, heart disease survivors, and for those who just want to educate themselves more.

5. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute on Heart Disease – http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/
The NHLBI offers a variety of educational resources, programs, and campaigns across many diseases, including heart disease. They also provide funding, training, and support resources for researchers.

6. MayoClinic on Heart Disease – http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/heart-disease/DS01120
The MayoClinic has extensive information on heart disease, including detailed descriptions of  the symptoms of various heart conditions, causes of heart disease, and tests to promote early detection. You can also schedule appointments as well as learn more about small lifestyle changes you can make to reduce your risk of heart disease.

7. E-Medicine Health on Heart Disease – http://www.emedicinehealth.com/coronary_heart_disease/article_em.htm
E-Medicine Health describes themselves as the “experts for everyday emergencies,” and they live up to the name. They have information of causes, symptoms, tests, and self- care for coronary heart disease. They also have information on treatments, both medications and invasive procedures, as well as helpful hints for follow-up after surgery.

8. WebMD on Heart Disease – http://www.webmd.com/heart-disease/default.htm
WebMD is a well-known online medical resource with great information about heart disease. They have all the latest news articles and support resources for people suffering from heart diseases, as well as an option to find a cardiologist near you for testing.  You can even keep their information handy on your smartphone by downloading their app!

9. World Heart Federation – http://www.world-heart-federation.org/
The WHF increases awareness, advocacy, and research efforts towards heart disease. They have heart health fact sheets, as well as a heart age calculator to gauge the overall health of your heart. Additionally, you can become a member for added benefits.

10. Million Hearts Organization – http://millionhearts.hhs.gov/index.html
The Million Hearts Organization bring together companies, communities, and agencies from all over the country to fight against heart disease. This unique initiative allows them to provide assessment tools, publications, and treatment guides. You can also get in contact with their partners to share lessons and spread knowledge.

11. Mended Hearts Organization – http://mendedhearts.org/
The Mended Hearts Organization is the oldest cardiac support group in the country. They offer educational resources and ways to get involved with the fight against heart disease. Additionally, they have stories of inspiration from patients or loved ones, building a strong community of support.  Their importance cannot be underestimated given the importance of morale in fighting any health problem, and the role of stress in aggravating heart conditions.

12. Adult Congenital Heart Association – http://www.achaheart.org/
This group focuses on providing support for heart disease caused by heart defects, and serves patients, loved ones, and advocates by facilitating prevention efforts that include ways to donate, volunteer, and fundraise in the efforts to raise awareness and develop treatments. They also have many educational resources including brochures, posters, and webinars.

13. Medscape on Heart Disease – http://www.medscape.com/cardiology?t=1
Medscape is a great resource for information on a variety of heart diseases. They also have information on ethics and legal issues in the medical world, as well as a large search database for different medications so that you can learn about options for yourself.

14. Heart Point – http://heartpoint.com/
Heart Point is a great search engine tool for exploring the world of heart health and its interaction with every aspect of life. They also provide resources on healthy foods and news articles on health.

15. NYTimes on Heart Disease – http://health.nytimes.com/health/guides/disease/coronary-heart-disease/overview.html
This New York Times article includes a lot of information on symptoms and causes of heart disease, serving as an excellent starting point for information on the identification and treatment of heart disease.

16. Medicine Plus on Heart Disease – http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/heartdiseases.html
Medicine Plus provides plenty of basic information on heart disease, as well as educational videos and games, statistic sheets, and organization directories. They also provide access to research and information on alternative treatment and nutrition.  This is a great resource for family members of all ages to use to get up-to-speed on heart disease.

17. NHLBI on Heart Disease – http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/public/heart/index.htm
This page of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood institute provides many publications on heart disease, both for adults and children, with some in Spanish as well. They also have a 10 year heart attack risk calculator.

18. CardioSmart – http://www.cardiologyonline.com/
CardioSmart is unique in that it allows you to create a personalized profile with the potential for supporting apps, including a medication reminder app you can download. The site also allows you to connect with others, browse their glossary of medical terms and treatments, and view a list of guidelines to manage your condition.

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