Our Mission

At its core, our mission is simple: Putting the public back into public health.

Public health is only effective if the public can actually access and discern what information is reliable.  But given how much information and how many ‘sources’ are out there, how can you decide who’s the authority?

That’s where we come in.

Our goal is to provide a hub of reputable and useful public information on health topics.  We apply library science and technical know-how to the public health sector to identify quality authorities as well as to track news and developments, and then we organize it into handy references made available on this site.

Our team is comprised of volunteers who are driven to educate and empower others to action, as well as paid experts working to incorporate market research with public health to identify and promote quality content. We hope that the resources we provide will empower others to make a difference in their community.

By facilitating educated discretion, we hope to elevate the quality of available health resources.  Ultimately we want to empower people to make confident health decisions, and we hope that these can have positive impacts reflected back to their communities.



mjAbout the Founder

Running and swimming are my passions. Even as a little girl I always ran. I ran everywhere. Up the stairs of my childhood home and down the street to play and talk with my friends. I always felt free when I ran.  Then I discovered swimming, and I loved the way the water rushed past my face with each stroke. I ran track and swam in high school through college, where I started to learn how to balance the many other areas of my life, an invaluable skill I still use today between my family life (husband, two beautiful kids and our three year old shih tzu, Pippin – they all might come up from time to time), my career as a nutritional advisor, my volunteer work, and, of course, my daily run.

The idea for PublicHealthCorps came to me at lunch one day with a co-worker. She suggested that I start my own health and wellness blog. As she put it, “A place where you can not only help the people you know, but also empower the public at large to find answers to their questions… really help them find their stride, and go running.” This inspired me to build a whole website designed to empower the public with knowledge, and to achieve better health and live longer, happier lives.

I hope my site helps you start your run.

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