Spring Renewal: A “Detox” Checklist for Long-Term Health and Wellness

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Spring Renewal: A “Detox” Checklist for Long-Term Health and Wellness

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Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. And in that spirit, some look at the season of bloom to detox their bodies. Detoxing has certainly become a popular trend. While many detoxes can lead to desired benefits, such as weight loss, these results are usually short term and may neglect the body of needed nutrients. What would be better is finding a more sustainable way to feel healthy and well.

For those interested in refreshing and recharging their bodies as they head into spring and summer, here is a “detox” checklist that will set you on the path to long-term healthy living:

Get outside and get moving. Because of the winter’s cold temperatures and shorter days, it can become more difficult to maintain a regular fitness routine. We also get less vitamin D because we have fewer opportunities to soak up the sun’s rays.

Spring is great time to get back into a consistent fitness routine. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that adults get 2.5 hours of aerobic activity each week along with 2 sessions of full-body muscle strengthening. And if you take your workout outdoors, you can get in your daily dose of vitamin D, which plays an essential role in helping you build strong bones.

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Switch to a Mediterranean diet. Many detoxes include instructions to eat and drink food items that are unappealing and often have questionable health benefits. If the goal of your detox is to make your body healthier, a great way to do so is to implement a healthy diet that is not only good for you but that you like well enough to maintain over time.

The Mediterranean diet is packed with traditionally healthy foods—such as vegetables, fish, whole grains, and fruits—but also allows for other foods people tend to like more—such as nuts, cheeses, and olive oil. As a recent article from TheGuardian.com noted, these foods work together to give your body the proteins and other nutrients it needs to keep “functioning perfectly.”

Improve your sleep routine. If you want to feel refreshed, get more sleep. If your bedtimes tend to be erratic, put yourself on a more consistent routine. Go to bed at the same time each night and get up at the same time each morning. Adjust your sleep schedule so that you are getting the recommended 7-8 hours each night.

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Hydrate. Drinking water regularly is the most natural way to cleanse the body. Of course, staying hydrated has many other benefits. It helps regulate your metabolism. It keeps your muscles and skin healthy. And it can aid in digestion. The Institute of Medicine recommends that men drink 3 liters of water a day and that women drink 2.2 liters per day.

Spring is certainly a great time of year to make positive, lasting changes in your lifestyle. By following this “detox,” you can get your body and mind on the path to improved long-term health and wellness.

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